“I believe that one of the essential components of my creative work is being a witness of real life stories of our own vulnerability as human beings…Those beautiful stories become part of me. And then I pour my heart and soul in creating each layer of paint on my canvas – where I weave serenity and joy with a gentle touch of humanity.”

– Kris Ancog
Aurora Illuminata Series

Paintings inspired the magical northern lights.

Vulnerability Series

Paintings about courage in the midst of adversity.

Sacred Realm Series

Paintings about our inner journey towards finding space for contemplation and stillness.

Another Day in Paradise

Serene landscapes inspired by impressionists and waterlilies

Elysium Series

Paintings inspired by JMW Turner's magical sunsets

Towards the Sun

Paintings inspired by the sublime sunrises

Nymphaea Nocturna

Paintings inspired by the moonlit waterlilies

Dear Diary Series

Paintings acquired by Prince of Wales Hospital and inspired by the stories of nurses, empathy and meaningful connection.