In the new ‘Vulnerability’ series, Kris Ancog explores the complexity of human emotions and paradoxically unifies chaos and peace in abstracted ethereal worlds. Being a witness of tragedies and miracles in his professional nursing career, Kris weaves life stories in each layer of oil paint in his canvas and infuse tales of courage in the midst of uncertainties. With his masterful use of colours and textures, this body of work is a juxtaposition of the fragility of life and the beauty of living a vulnerable yet authentic self.

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Kris develops his artworks through multiple translucent layers of paint. The paintings are heavily inspired by light in nature and meditation, as well as art from European 19th-century artists, J. M. W. Turner and Claude Monet.  Evoking positive emotions, the paintings bring a sense of peace and calm to his collectors.


Kris Ancog is a Sydney-based artist who uses art as a visual storytelling method; evoking emotions, and experiences that are beyond words. 

Calling himself a painter of meditative dreamscapes, the artist channels creativity to explore beauty, peace, and serenity. Over the years, his work has evolved from traditional landscapes to ethereal abstracts that allow the viewer to develop their own interpretation through a contemplative process.

Happy Collectors

“I found Kris’ work via an Instagram post of his Aurora series — I instantly felt connected to his vision. The Auroras are even more stunning in person and add beauty and an ethereal feel to any space. Looking forward to collecting more pieces.”

– Carla, Collector from USA

“My Aurora artwork is mind-blowing in size, and its ability to put anyone in a contemplative trance. When you dream of certain landscape for so long, only for God to legitimately send the right people your way and make an art out of it and bring those longings into reality. This painting is as tall as me, and I’m still baffled at how real it is. Videos and pictures don’t even give any justice.”

Eunice, Collector from Australia

“A great big thank you for sending me the artwork Aurora. It’s magnificent and so much more stunning on my wall. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you on all levels.”

– Ann, Collector from New Zealand