1. Enquire

Get in touch with me using the form on this page. Tell me as much information about the painting you wanted to commission. It would be very helpful if you provide me the following details:

  • Title of my painting you wanted to be referenced in terms of palette or composition
  • Number of paintings (particularly if you wanted a multi-panel painting e.g. diptych or triptych)
  • Size of the painting in inches
  • Whether you wish to have the painting framed or unframed
  • Where you are based (so I can give you necessary information regarding payment and shipping options).

2. Receive quote & pricing

You will receive the quote, pricing and timeframe of completion within 2 business days from your enquiry.

3. Sign an art commission agreement and pay deposit

The art commission agreement lays out all terms and conditions relating to the commissioned work. Read the general terms and conditions here.

4. Approve the commissioned piece

You will receive a photo and/or video of the finished painting once the commissioned work is completed. The terms and conditions outline the process if changes or revision is required. The painting will not be shipped until you have given your approval.

5. Final payment & shipping

Upon receipt of final payment, the painting will be shipped to the shipping address specified in the agreement.

Art Commission Enquiry Form